Double Layered Mango Milkshake


    Alphonso Mangoes 5-6 nos.

    Milk 3 cups (chilled)

    Sugar 4-5 teaspoons (or more according to your taste)

    Vanilla extract teaspoon

    Heavy whipping cream 1 cup

    Ice cubes as required


    In a blender add peeled and cubed mango pieces, sugar 2-3 teaspoons, 2 cups milk and vanilla extract. Blend until it is smooth and thick. This is the first layer. Remove the mixture and leave approximately 1 cup of it in the blender. To that mixture in blender add the whipping cream some more sugar and remaining 1 cup of milk, the ice cubes and give a nice mix. This is the layer.

    To assemble, pour in a glass the first layer till half full, carefully pour in the second layer over it. Top it with some mango pieces and its ready to serve.