It is said that every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.....

My journey in the culinary world started soon after marriage but I was an amateur, with experiments and trials as my only hope to cook food......

My husband who has been my best and biggest critic, always supported me in improving myself time after time... My family's love for homemade food prepared by me, encouraged me further to try different types of cuisine. Years passed by and by the grace of Almighty I was able to achieve applause from all my near and dear ones.

As said by Paul Therox "Cooking requires confidence, guesswork and improvisation, experimentation and substitution.... dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way..." This is what helped me excel, because my love for food is infinite and my passion for cooking is my happiness.....

I believe that those who have the determination and the passion to chase their dreams, sky is the limit......

The hardwork paid off when I started my food group on Facebook for Homemakers of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. An exclusive club of more than 500 members, where we discuss food recipes and more. People started appreciating my work and I gained motivation to move a step forward.

Learning is a never ending process and now I had more plans. Instagram was the next destination and then a Personal Blog page. With a following of more than 400 people in a few days.

Presentation and Photography helped me to acquire further recognition. It was not easy to learn the tricks of trade by myself. Dedication and practice is the key to success.

Love for food didn't stopped here. Every opportunity that came my way I grabbed it. One of which was a food contest held by Hypercity and Food Food Channel. For which I travelled from Saudi Arabia to India and also grabbed a consolation prize.

Have been titled as HyperFoodUstad twice.

Fudzania was my dream venture. An effort, to unite people from around the globe, through food.

The innovative recipes on Fudzania are specially designed to provide you with hassle free and easy cooking.

Feel free to comment for your queries and suggestions.

Welcome to the world of Food. Welcome to Fudzania

Hamida Abid

('Fudzania Team')